The Theme?

So what is the theme here? In general most people certainly most persons who are not members of the Christian Right separate religion and politics into two separate airtight categories. To allow one’s theological thinking or basic religious world view to effect one’s political thinking and action is viewed as an intolerable imposition on the mandate of modernity.

My posts in this place will be based on the opposite assumption that political and theological thought go together as two sides of the same coin. Thus Jesus’ statements that he came to liberate the poor and that in some sense they are blessed have political consequences or meaning. This meaning, the interconnections between biblical and post biblical theological thought and political thought and action, etc is what will be discussed here. Certainly ideas such as the kingdom of God, justice, and other ideas from the political economic realm such as democracy, socialism, and ongoing issues of good old fashioned American politics will
be discussed here. Perhaps some may find this of interest.



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