What Socialism is not

The widespread belief spread by both the conservative right but also by many persons who do define themselves as socialist is that socialism is primality about a take over of the private enterprise economy by the government. This is false and I will be posting a series of article by both myself and other writers which hopefully will dispel this belief. The first writing is a very good article called “What Socialism is Not” printed within Torch and Rose the newsletter of the Social Democrats, USA.



dispelling some falsehoods

tree of justiceGiven the name of this group it should be no great surprise that the theme of socialism is central to my political life. Socialism also has a strong role on my theology and particularly my understanding of the kingdom of god and of human justice. Socialism of course has a bad rap in American society. In the next few posts I will present several of my own writings and one writing by from the web site of Social Democracy, USA. Hopefully these writings will dispel some falsehoods that people have regarding the nature of socialism. The first writing is a condensed version of the description of my God and Socialism Yahoo group.

a name change

I am back on this blog again. I have been busy and have not been able to maintain activities on it. However from this point on I think that I will be able to begin posting regularly. I am  announcing another name change. I do not see any great reason to explain this change. I think that after some time readers will understand why.