Apparently Genocide is Acceptable

One of the signs of the moral decadence of the modern world has been its refusal to act to end  the genocide that has been occurring in the Darfur province of Sudan since 2003. In spite of the outrage expressed  first by leaders such as Colin Powell in the Bush administration and now by the Obama administration little is being done. I really admire President Obama but he has done little so far to help the people of Darfur. Apparently genocide is acceptable to both the leadership and the people of this nation. Anyway I have attached is a link to one of the most recent articles by Professor Steve Reeves whose site at
is one of the most reliable sources of ongoing information on Darfur. The article On the Re-writing of the Darfur Narrative
deals with the current rewriting of the history of the current situation in Darfur by many who wish to justify non action on the issues of genocide. Among these are many in the “all so virtuous” political Left.

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