On Syria and the Coup in Egypt

A couple of points. First it is very clear to me that there is no popular support in the United States for any real effective military support to the Syrian revolution. So people like myself are just shouting in the wind when we do discuss our opinions on it. Really a small person’s personal political opinion only matters in a modern liberal democracy if ones ideas mirror that of  a powerful politically active majority or if one is of course rich, or a member of the political or news media elite. At this time I do not know how I will deal with this reality

Second, lets be blunt the military coup in Egypt brought down a democratically elected government, a government which was elected by a clear majority of the Egyptian people. I have heard while participating in political  demonstrations in this nation a chant “this is what democracy looks like.” Yes political protests are a legitimate aspect of democracy.  But I am sorry democracy is much more about democratic elections and the understanding that these have consequences. Just because the secular minority in Egypt was able to amass millions in the streets does not some how make the military coup in Egypt a triumph of democracy. It was a defeat of democracy.

I am perfectly aware that President Morsi was not a great ruler. He made many mistakes. Yes the Muslim Brotherhood government had authoritarian tendencies. However it was a democratic government. Now what Egypt has is military rule. For those who are obsessed with the evils of political Islam and Al Qaeda forms of terrorism, this coup should be particularly bad news. I wonder what message that this reversal of democracy sends to the millions of young Muslims who supported the Muslim Brotherhood and President Morsi in the first democratic elections in Egyptian history. I doubt that it is positive.

Glenn King


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