Adjusting Course

During most of the past month or so my writings have been directed primarily to issues of religion within the context of the small Independent Filianic community. That writing and the other demands of my life simply have prevented me from writing in this blog to the degree I wish. Thus I have not commented on some issues that are of great importance to me i.e. the ongoing crisis in Syria and the significance of the collapse of democracy in Egypt.

One of the problems that I have experienced as a blogger on these issues is that I have had major problems in finding the proper balance between my desire to articulate my own point of view regarding  issues and ideas and my desire to communicated information regarding  the often excellent articles written by persons such as Shadi Hamid of the Doha Brookings Center who are the real experts regarding many of the matters that concern me. Well I have come to a tentative opinion on how I think that I am going to handle this. In general my first priority will be to notify readers of articles by experts like Shadi Hamid and others. Only secondarily will I be able to articulate my own thoughts on the issues. This is not entirely satisfying to me as a person who likes to express his own point of view, but it seems to me to be the way to go.

I do have other goals for this blog beyond what I have just articulated but I will deal with those in another post.



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