Syria: Is it Too Late To Do Anything?

This article by Frederic C. Hof of the Atlantic Council describes perfectly my own thoughts and feelings regarding the refusal of the United States to take morally responsible military action in Syria in defence of the Syrian people. I have to share it.


Syria: Is it Too Late To Do Anything?

Those who have long counseled against the United States taking control of the arming of Syrian opposition forces have recently updated their argument: it is now simply too late for Washington to do anything useful, even if it wanted to. According to this line of reasoning the Assad regime has been stabilized by the chemical weapons agreement and Russian-Iranian aid, while jihadists, luxuriating in arms and money, have been attracting manpower away from nationalist leaders denied meaningful assistance by the West. As one Italian observer asked me last week, “Why bother? Do you really expect the followers of General Idris to fight a two-front war against the regime and al-Qaeda?” Click to read full article.


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