Its inactive status

I started this blog and another blog about six years ago. The purpose of this blog was to deal with issues that I perceived to have both a religious and political nature. Later the religious emphasis tended to fade and most of the articles which I posted here were of a primarily polical nature. The other Aset Maryam blog was designed so that I could express my thoughts on primarily religious concerns. Neither blog for various reasons has been particularly successful.

I think that now is the time to announce any future work on this blog is probably ended. I do not in the foreseeable future intent to write on political subjects and I have come to a point in my life in which I think that such writing would be simply a waste of time. The second reason I plan to leave off writing here is that I really need to narrow the focus of my writings to be effective. Currently I have two other blogs one of them Toward the Lady of Heaven will continue to be my primarily religious blog. I will continue to write articles primarily from the religious stand point of De’anism, my personal religious faith there. The other Aset Maryam blog will simply become my all purpose blog in which I will write about everything else in which I am interested. My most resent post on that blog is a film review that I have written regarding the movie Noah.

The links to these two blogs are and



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