Ma’at: Toward a Justice and Equality Movement

I placed this blog in an inactive status several months ago, because of my sense of hopelessness that anything I could do or say would have any effective impact in the real political world. After seeing the betrayal of the Obama administration of the Syrian people and seeing his tacit support for the dismemberment of that country and from my observations of the moral indifference within this nation to the Islamic world, I could no longer in any way consider myself in the camp of any of its parties and factions including ‘Progressive Movement”

This disenchantment has come after a period of four years in which I made a last effort in my life to help build a Socialist movement in this nation via my work to help revive the Social Democrats USA one of the oldest Socialist organizations within this nation. That work had produced little evidence of success by the time I resigned from my duties within the organization. The fact is that both Socialism and Social Democracy are dead ideas in the modern world at least within this nation.

So yes my political cynicism is pretty well absolute, soYazidi refugees why bother about reactivating an old political blog? Well a lot has been happening of late in the Middle East particularly in Iraq. ISIS (Her Name how ironic!) has now developed its territory to such a degree that Iraq is now split into three sections and an Islamic State has been proclaimed. That Islamic State is now threatening genocide against the Yazidi people of Iraq and brutally tormenting the Shia and Christian peoples within the territories it has conquered. The Islamic State has defeated both the Iraqi army and even the Peshmerga forces of the autonomous Kurdish Regional Government. So much for the effects of the failed Obama policy in Syria. Hillary Clinton was right on Syria and Obama was wrong, wrong, wrong.

However in spite its deplorable past record the surprising fact is that the Obama administration has now decided to help the Kurds militarily, a very good thing. The administration is even considering the development of a military relationship with the  Islamic Front in Syrian against the Islamic State (IS) / ISIS another good thing. Unfortunately some in the administration are now talking about the development of an alliance with the monstrous Assad Syrian regime. This would be an abomination. So yes I am paying attention to what is happening.

Therefore this question has been beginning to confound me within the context of recent events. Do I continue in my despair and cynicism regarding the prospects of any real justice in this world or do I again attempt to speak my mind on these issues. I have decided on the second course in spite of the fact that I still feel quite hopeless about the world in general. I would feel too guilty if I do not attempt to do something. People should speak out on the fate of the Yazidis and all the other peoples who are being butchered in this world due in large part because of the moral difference of civilization as we know it.

Why rename this blog Ma’at. Ma’at is the ancient Egyptian goddess of justice and order. She was central to Ancient Egyptian society both as Goddess and as a rule of life. The conception of Ma’at / Justice within that society was not just about courts and the punishment of crimes. It was about that but it was about so much more. It was also about many of the same values of justice that are found in the Bible. It was about liberation of the poor and the oppressed. It was about the care of widows and orphans, it was about care for people, all of the things that Americans generally do not think about particularly in relationship to foreign nations.

So I have decided to rename this blog Ma’at: Toward a Justice and Equality Movement both because I believe in the conception of justice that Maat represents and because I believe in the Goddess Maat as one of the Angels of Thea. Hopefully this blog can be an act of devotion to her as well as play a small role in support of the oppressed. Toward a Justice and Equality Movement? As anyone knows who was involved in the effort to stop the genocide in Darfur a few years back, the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) is one of the main rebel military organizations which fought for justice against to genocidal policies of Bashir Regime of Sudan. That organization sees itself as being a Justice and Equality Movement. I do not know if it has always in fact behaved humanely or if it as have so many groups has degenerated into a brutal thugacracy in the areas Darfur in which it dominates. However whatever the fact may be, I would like to be a part of an organization which consistently would act as a Justice and Equality Movement.

I do not know how much I will be posting in the blog in the foreseeable future. I hope for a few posts a month. It all depends on what is happening. I am an active participant within the Independent De’anic religion. Work in that community is still my priority. But I do feel that I have to show some solidarity with the peoples of Syria and Iraq as well. We will see what happens.


3 thoughts on “Ma’at: Toward a Justice and Equality Movement

  1. Your support and concern is deeply moving. Many people have forgotten Syria. There are so many refugees in Syria that are forgotten by the world. Speaking up and calling attention to them is something that needs to happen. You’ve caused me to realized how silent I am in my blog on the needs of so many also. The orphans, widows, the homeless, the oppressed, the victims of so many manmade atrocities and also natural disasters. Thank you for making me aware of my own failure to be there for my brothers and sisters in humanity along with the animals and other creatures, the trees and plants and the air, water and earth.

    May I be a better sister, a better friend, a better protector.

  2. Noor thanks for the comments. After it became so evident that the Obama administration and this nation as a whole did not want to take any real action to support the Syrian people after the poison gas attacks of last year, it then became very hard to continue to hope. I myself just gave up attempting to do anything.

    However with the expansion of the IS perhaps out of pure self interest the Obama administration will decide to help the Syrian people arm themselves against ISIS. Anyway perhaps some leeway can be made now. Of course humanitarian aid to the victims of aggression is always in order. But nations such as the United States should be doing much more. Again thanks for your thoughts.


  3. Reblogged this on In the Way to Thea and commented:

    Over the past few years I have been involved within the Independent Filianic / De’anic religion. However that fact has never ended my long term participation within certain forms of alternative politics. In April I announced within my political blog that I saw no reason to continue it and stated that I would no longer be posting within it. Recent events have caused me to change my mind. The enclosed is a reblogged article from my renamed Ma’at: Toward and Justice and Equality Movement blog, which explains my decision to reinvolve myself wiith my polical writtings

    I need to clarify some things. First I am still going to be placing my primary attention on my writing on the issues of Filianism / De’anism. I think that will be ultimately more productive. However I do think that it is time for me now to resume at least some political activity in what ever limited form it takes.

    I also am very aware that generally within the Filianic movement both within its orthodox and independent forms political activity is deeply frowned upon, and in fact an politics which is an open avowal of both democracy and egalitarian values is way out of the mainstream. So be it. Many of my political values have been based on the values of Christian liberation theology (There is a Jewish version as well) which itself is strongly based on the often radical revelation of the Biblical prophets.
    That fact has not been changed by my introduction to the Filianic religion.

    The last thing I want to say is that politics will not normally be discussed within this blog in the future. However I do think that this article should be shared.

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