A moratorium on writings

During the last few months I have thought that I might have the time and energy to begin thinking about political life and its issues more creatively. Therefore I could begin writing on them. It is clear to me now that is not going to happen soon. Perhaps it will happen sometime this year but that is by no means certain. There is of course much that is happening now in the world and I could attempt to get into the conversation. But for what reasons? I really do not want to get into the mobs of both the Right and the Left to simply pursue the game of shouting insults and condemnations toward the other side. Neither would I contribute anything by doing so. I do of course favor one side over the other. However in this thing even the side I am some what closer to does not impress me that much.

I am more interested in exploring the root principles of politics in an attempt to place it on a ground of solid meaning from which politic activities can arise, naturally, with real energy and moral direction. That grownd I believe must ultimately have some basis in basic concepts of political philosophy and yes religious thought and practice. Unfortunately outside of a few practitioners, present Pope being one of them, its seems very little real thought has gone into this from any but the most barbarous ways. The right wing brutalist ideologies of ISEL, the Taliban, the Israeli and the American Christian rights do not deserve to be considered as being decent bases for moral political action. Neither am I all that impressed with the Proggresive Christian left which seems to me to be an echoing chamber of the Democratic Party base.

Certain other small groups do have more credibility. The more left leaning persons of the G. K. Chesterston style Distributist movement no doubt are worth studying. Unfortunate at this time I do not have to time to study even these more intelligent forms of thought. Right now I am still working out my own practical religious life and thealogy from a De’anic perspective. Until that is much more solidly established than it currently is, I will remain inactive on this blog. The only action that I might take in the next few days might be to rename this blog. I no longer think its present title is all that useful even though Ma’at / ma’at is central to my current thinking and devotion.



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